Meet Chunte

During a doctor’s visit to confirm that I was pregnant, my doctor not only discovered a baby but another unexpected intruder. It turns out that I had uterine fibroids as well. There were several ranging from walnut-sized clusters to one the size of a grapefruit, as described by my OB-GYN at the time.

My diagnosis led me on a journey of lifestyle shifts that have allowed me to thrive despite my uterine fibroid diagnosis. As a result, I now experience minimal symptoms and have even had some tumors shrink in size.

I created Chunte of Muse to bring awareness to this chronic condition and help other women live a life of freedom from fibroid symptoms. I want to inspire women to find their inner muse and find healing.

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No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.

Althea Gibson

My Mission

When I first received my uterine fibroids diagnosis, I was so grateful to have my doctor there to answer all of my medical questions. I was equally as grateful to find a community of other women online who were sharing their experiences, home remedies, and lifestyle advice for living with fibroids.

My mission is to contribute meaningfully to the overall conversation about wellness, especially as someone with this diagnosis. There are so many ways to take our well-being into our own hands. I hope that by sharing my own experiences, tips, and wellness journey, others can find their own path to feeling their best.