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Guess who just took a big step in their clean beauty journey?! As you probably already know, I’ve been switching out my current makeup and skincare products for cleaner, safer alternatives.

In the process of discovering new products, I made a new Instagram friend named Morgan. She is also a fellow wellness enthusiast, sleep coach, breast cancer survivor, and overall badass. Her story is incredible. You should check her out.


It turns out that Morgan is also a part of the Beautycounter team. After seeing how passionate she was about clean beauty and all things health and wellness, I decided to order a few products through her.

I was highly impressed with the quality of the products and even more impressed with the available shade range for us brown girls.

One day Morgan asked me to apply for the Beautycounter scholarship. At the time, I was hesitant. Let’s be honest, we all have those flashbacks of our moms, aunts, or cousins doing those beauty product parties. So I declined initially.

A few months later, Morgan asked me to apply again. This time I was in a different place. I had learned more about clean beauty in general, and I had a little more time to learn more about Beautycounter and its founder, another badass woman you should check out.

Beauty with a Mission

Beautycounter is one of the most transparent and ethical brands that I’ve come across when shopping for safer cosmetic products. Their founder walks the walk when it comes to clean beauty. And by walk the walk, I mean she has lobbied for safer, more transparent practices in the industry.

I also appreciate that Beautycounter has a “Never List” of chemicals that will never appear on their ingredients lists. I should also point out that they could legally put many of these chemicals in their products, but they chose integrity. That’s something that I can get behind.

Now that I’ve finished singing Beautycounter’s praises, I should be clear. I still plan to use other products. Even as a recovering beauty junkie, I still find it challenging to limit myself to one brand. Beautycounter’s products just fit well into what I’m trying to accomplish in my lifestyle.

I still promise to promote items that I genuinely like, feel good about sharing, and want to use myself. That applies to any brand I’m sharing.

As part of Beautycounter’s scholarship program, they sent me a crazy amount of products to share and recommend to you guys! It will take me some time to go through everything, but here are a few things that I loved before or have recently fallen in love with.

My Top BeautyCounter Picks

Charcoal Face Mask

Not only is this mask one of the best I’ve tried for breakouts, but it also works well as an armpit detox.

Eye Cream

If you can only buy one eye product, I highly recommend this eye cream. It’s lightweight, so it works day and night. I also find that a half pump is enough for both eyes, even if you’re a slatherer like myself.


I took this lotion to Florida on vacation, and I was amazed at how sheer and easy to apply this was. At the time, I used it on my face because I didn’t realize that Beautycounter actually makes a separate one for the face. So I plan to try that one as well.


The texture of this concealer is perfection, in my opinion. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t fall into the fine lines under my eyes.


“Skin Twin” is fitting for this foundation. It’s super lightweight and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. The shade range also makes it easy to find an exact match.

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