28-Day Hormone Healthy Meal Plan: Muse Lifestyle Meal Guide



Step into a transformative 28-day journey with this Hormone Healthy Meal Plan. If you’ve ever felt out of sync hormonally—maybe even facing challenges like fibroids—this plan is designed with you in mind. I’ve handpicked every ingredient and crafted each recipe to focus on high-protein and healthy fats, all while eliminating refined sugars. Why? Because I understand how vital hormonal balance is to your overall well-being, energy levels, and mood.

Note, this meal guide does not replace medical advice and is for educational purposes.

This guide isn’t just about eating to live; you’ll enjoy an array of flavors that make each meal a delicious and nutritious adventure. Buddha bowls, hormone-healthy smoothies, filling snacks—you name it. You’ll get to enjoy them all, and you’ll hardly feel like you’re on a “plan.”

I know life gets busy, and making a meal plan from scratch isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why this 28-day calendar comes loaded with daily meal plans, grocery lists, recipes, and even a food list to guide your choices when you’re out and about. My goal is that the variety in this plan fits into most lifestyles with ease.

The journey doesn’t end after these 28 days. When you choose this meal plan, you’re also joining an incredible community of women who are on a hormone health journey. For more insights, tips, or a dash of inspiration, follow my Instagram @ChunteofMuse for a steady stream of valuable content and interactive Q&A sessions related to this meal plan (and beyond!). You can share your own journey and milestones, and even motivate others within our community.

So, are you ready to commit to a more balanced, joyful, and harmonious life? With this Hormone Healthy Meal Plan, you’re not just making a 28-day commitment—you’re taking a holistic step toward long-lasting wellness.

This product is a digital download in PDF format. It’s ready to print, but also easy to use on a variety of devices, whether you want to bring it on the go to the grocery store, skim through it on your tablet, or have it on your laptop for easy access while in the kitchen.


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